Camping Furniture - Camping Chair Buying Guide

New to camping? Buying Camping Furniture for the first time?

We have put together some 'Buying Guides' to help you choose the best Camping Furniture for your needs.

Camping Chair Buying Guide.

One of the most popular items of Camping Furniture are Camping Chairs. 
But what makes a good Camping Chair? 

Which of these points should you consider when looking at Camping Chairs: 

  • Level of Comfort
  • Storage Size
  • Weight
  • Features 
  • Footrests
  • Durability
  • Weatherproofness
  • Colours 



Do you want a fully padded chair, with lumber and arm rest padding. Or do you want a simpler lighter weight Camping Chair. When and for how long each day will you be using your Camping Chair.

Where are you going to store the Chair? How many will need to be stored? Storage size is important as you will need to be able to put your chairs away, either when you are traveling to and from Campsites or when not in use. 

How heavy is the chair? How easy will it be To lift, move and store? 

What else would make a great camping chair for you? Would you like a (insulated) cup holder? Is a carry bag helpful? 

Would you like to put your feed up and relax? Some chairs come with a built in footrest and some allow you to attach a separate footrest to the chair.

How much use will your Camping Chair be getting? Is it for a single event, like a festival or will you be using it for regular camping trips?

Will you be leaving your Camping Chairs outside over night, or will you be putting them away or keeping them undercover. What happens if you left them out in the rain - could you wipe them down to use them? 

Do you have any other camping furniture that you want your camping chairs to compliment? dark colours, bright colours - what do you like? 

We have one of the largest ranges of Camping Chairs and Camping Furniture and experienced staff on hand to answer any of your questions.