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The Vango Malibu, Isabella Thor and Quest Surrey are 3 of our most popular Camping Chairs, but how do they compare?

The 'Classic' Camping Chair

The Vango Malibu Camping Chair is a strong but very compact folding camping chair. It has a padded seat and backrest so very comfortable, with soft fabric arms. A handy cup holder for your drink so that you are able to relax. A super strong steel frame which will take up to 120kg.  Ideal for camping, fishing or a day out in the country.


Vango Malibu Camping Chair


The 'Luxury' Camping Chair

The Thor Camping Chair from Isabella is a luxury chair that is padded and includes a neck cushion and armrests. The back position can be changed and placed in eight different positions. This is the perfect quality chair for camping trips, at home or for general relaxation.

Isabella Thor Camping Chair

The 'Premium' Camping Chair

The Quest Autograph Surrey Directors Camping Chair with a fold-out table features the excellent quilted Q-tex weave fabric, which is extremely strong, durable and the quilting gives it extra comfort over its rivals, whilst keeping the pack size and weight down.

Quest Autograph Surrey Camping Chair



Which Camping Chairs is best for you?

Here is our comparison chart 

Vango Malibu
Isabella Thor
 Quest Surrey 
Padded Seat
Padded Back
Padded Armrests Soft Fabric
Foam Covers
Cup Holder
Weight 3.0kg 5.5kg 5.75kg
Max Load
120kg 120kg
Black or Brick Dark Grey Two tone
Neck Support
Fold out table


Camping Chair Comparison Summary. 

The Vango Malibu chair is a traditional Camping chair, with padded seat, fabric arms and strong steel frame - its compact and lightweight.  

View the Vango Malibu Chair Granite Grey

The Thor Chair from Isabella has a padded seat, neck and armrests for total comfort. The chair can be adjusted with 8 different positions 

View the Isabella Thor Chair Dark Grey

If you want 'features' then the Quest Autograph Surrey Directors Chair is for you. With solid arm rests, Q tex weave fabric and fold out side table. 

View the Quest Autograph Surrey Directors Chair



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