Off Grid Camping - Quick Start Guide Part 1. Basic Equipment
Off Grid camping can be a thrilling and all-encompassing outdoor adventure. Here are some suggestions to make your experience effective and enjoyable:
Plan ahead by doing some research about the campsite before you leave. Recognise any limits, licences, or rules that could be necessary. Learn about the wildlife, weather, and dangers that may be present in the area that you want to camp in. 
Carry lightweight, dependable camping gear, such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking utensils, water filters, and clothes that are adequate for the anticipated conditions. To assure comfort and safety, spend money on high-quality equipment. We have a full range of products that are great for Off Grid Camping.
Leave No Trace: Follow Leave No Trace guidelines to reduce your environmental impact. Pack out all of your rubbish, properly dispose of waste, and spare the greenery. Leave the campsite in better condition than you found it.
Ample water should be available for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. We have a range of water storage options. You might need to purify water from natural sources depending on where you are. Plan your meals in advance and bring non-perishable food items. Think about options that are light and simple to prepare. 
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