Off Grid Camping - Quick Start Guide Part 2 - Safety
Prioritise safety when off grid camping above all else!
Keep a first aid kit, map, and compass with you and Inform someone of your travel plans and anticipated return date. 
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Always check to see if there are any restrictions on campfires and before leaving totally put out your fire.
Keep up with the weather forecast and be ready to change your plans if needed. 
Layer your clothing appropriately, and if necessary, add extra insulation and rain gear. 
Learn some fundamental navigational techniques, especially if you intend to travel to more isolated locations. Learn how to read maps and use a compass - at a minimum.
It can also be useful to have a GPS gadget or a dependable navigation app on your phone but do not rely on this. Signals can be lost, Batteries run out of power and technical solutions can fail. 
Off grid camping